Saturday, February 19, 2005


I can't stop thinking about you.


mountain man said...

you are a sex pack.

lion king said...

Mountain man,
Stay away from the c---. She's bad news. And not the good kind.

MIKE said...

Hey Mountain Man, I'm Tanisha's boyfriend.

Leave my girl alone.

We've been together since juvy. She's a suburban girl from Cherry Hill and I don't appreciate you talking trash with her. She's on her way to living nomal like and I don't want her getting mixed up with trash like you. Get over it man.

pink eye said...

I am confused
your blog seems active and well monitored and even at times interesting though it has nothing to do with what you purport.
Art no
whimsy yes
NY maybe
where do you all get the time?
what do you need?
This seems to be devolving into childish bickering.
By the way has anyone been to "The Gates" they blow....

mountain man said...

dear pink eye,

you are very observant. keenly so. your comments are misguided however. i cannot be more specific at this time. i am being followed.

are you a controlling person? do you like to win most games? i am onto you.



pink eye said...

dear mountain man
some say I am controlling and some even think I am rageful, but they are misguided. My enthusiasm is my own worst enemy at times. I guess I demand alot. It seems you do also. Why else spend time trying to have people cryptically understand you. You might be onto to me, but I may be getting into you. What do you look like...inside?

pink eye said...

you erased my post
no more sharing

pink eye said...

it is there

this is an example of why people find me rageful

they are still wrong
even if I am also

Tanya Bonakdar is a fabrication