Thursday, February 10, 2005

soccer mom

Soccer Mom. This is a shout out. I love your mind. Maybe we should make art together. I have so much rainbow energy to share! And so much angry animal to ravish you with.


runt said...

Why thank you mountain man! I am honored by your shout out. Do you mean "ravish" in a sexual way or an artistic way? I like the smell of goats. We have two in our backyard. We got them when my first daughter was born. I had to feed her goat's milk because she was allergic to my breast milk. I have done a series of paintings of my goats. I even mixed in a bit of their milk with the glazing medium so that Gertie and Stacey are one with the painting. Have you done such things in your work? If not, feel free to use my idea. I don't believe we have true ownership of our ideas anyway. They are a gift from the heavens.

mountain man said...

Soccer mom! Were we seperated at birth? I have mixed other bodily fluids with my paint. Your children must be beautiful! Ravish could mean many things. I am very open but ready to accept other people's moral boundaries.

mountain man said...

Soccer mom, you are insincere, I have decided. I no longer trust you.