Wednesday, February 09, 2005


i am applying scum to various extremities on my person. it is getting in the way. i can't stop this uncomfortable application. i am very upset. i am sitting in my studio worrying about purpose. it seems i have none. i am accumulating artworks but no sense of self.

yesterday i was attacked by a st. bernard. he bit my leg so hard i thought i was dead.

i am afraid of many many people.

i still hate the cecily brown show even though i have heard that other people like it.

i am worried that i am developing a pear shape, which is a very humiliating shape for a man to have.

i am 32 years old, fully a man, but still feeling like a little baby puss.


Anonymous said...

Times are so rough! Mountain Man, I hope you bit that dog back. You can't let the world eat you. You must attack always. This goes for your art career as well. I propose that you take your wares to Chelsea and introduce yourself to every gallerist. Start at 19th and work your way up. That way, you will feel less like a puss and more like a man. Be proactive. Turn it into a performance. You can do it. I believe in you.

mountain man said...

shut up anonymous. you are clueless. Just shut your fat mouth. you are so stupid.