Monday, February 07, 2005

My work

Dearest Reader, I am not recieving the appropriate response to my work in the public sphere. And so this is my new venue. So far, my audience has been exceedingly generous and not at all like the audience I am accostomed to. So here is my work for the day. I hope you appreciate my inventiveness.

I collected all the staplers at my job and locked them in my desk.
i sharpened every pencil in the supply closet and then glued them under my desk.
this will continue at work until I am caught. My intention is to create little gestures of beauty. Stealing is beautiful if you are angry. Pencils lined up poke at my knees as I sit before my computer. This is my punishment for stealing and for being so handsom.

My art practice MUST continue even as I data entry. It is imperative because I AM AN ARTIST. Some say that even if you say you are an artist that you are NOT. A nasty little cow named Robert Zeller has said as much and shame on him and on his seed. He might consider me a charlatan. THAT IS THE POINT!

I need some imput. Please be advised that I am sensitive, but willing to listen to all critique. I sometimes cry.

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