Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I have a headache from too much drinky drinky last night. I had:

1 rum punch
2 white russians
4 corona lights
3 shots of tequila
1 vodka and tonic
1 banana daquiri (that was the most delicious one I have ever had)

Anyone know a good remedy for this type of existential ache? I am eating fudge as Beth suggested but it is not working. Screw you Beth.


Art Star said...

I suggest you just keep drinking. Muscle through it. Stay drunk. That's the way to go. You may have a problem, Mountain Man, but I wouldn't worry about it just yet. Wait til your liver starts to really swell. Then give up the booze.

AA Counselor said...

Call me, MM. I am worried.

hellion said...

I am so mad today. I am still drunk from last night. I can't focus. I keep having thoughts but then they go away.

spanker said...

i am thinking about my friend's mom right now.

steve said...

narcotics help
try an online pharmacy
they work