Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Donkeyed Journey, Part One

I wrote this story last night. This is part one in an ongoing series. It is a snapshot into me for you. Note: this is fiction.

Yesterday I rode my pretty donkey down the street with no clothes on. We navigated around bags of garbage and recyclables. We turned the corner and did I mention I was naked? We entered the park grounds. To the left was a baseball diamond where several young boys and their apparent fathers played a feverish game. They took no notice of us. We frolicked amoungst the playground equipment, dashing through the jungle gym and prancing over see-saws to our hearts' content.

Today I am being driven insane by the mereness of reality. I am harried and over-stimulated as my employers bully me into accomplishing certain tasks I cannot stand. I think of others and can realize no moral satisfaction. I have disappointed myself and those closest to me and have temporarily lost sight of my original plan, which at one time included public derangement and antics of all kinds; however these ideas have now been lost in the "intersubjectivity of everydayness."

The only concept that remains within my grasp is alienation. Perhaps there is one more: ridicule.



beth said...

Listen. You owe me money. LOTS! So accomplish those tasks OR forget about riding the Beth "donkey"

mountain man said...

Beth I wasn't talking about you you foolish SKANK. I was talking about Krakow, my donkey. You are so slow.

sinful said...

What next? You sound like a fearful kind of miserable. Do you produce excess amounts of spittle by accident? I want to know more about you.

Bruce said...

I hate my job too. I am clustered up.

hellion said...

what is up with the donkey? i don't get it.

Taffy said...

I have to sit on my boss's lap sometimes. I kind of like it. I have dreams about him touching me. He makes me blush.