Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Beast Is Here

She is here. I told her she looked pretty this morning. My stomach is cramping due to my fearful proximity to her. She is loathsome. I have leg cramps and stomach cramps.



mountain man said...

I have jaundice too.

alec said...

i have rickets.

fairy butler said...

Can you hide in your toast tower?

I feel like that beast is inside my skull this morning. The oakdust+dew tincture that I drank yesterday when I was anxious.

Ask the sun to heal your jaundice. Don't let the beast beat it out of you with her log.

mountain man said...

I went out for a few minutes to get blueberry muffins for the beast and she has begun to methodically dismantle my tower.

I have asked the sun to heal me as you suggested. I am slightly less yellow.

I suggest a mixture of owl paste and marijuana for your skull infestation.